Thursday, January 3, 2008

Secton:7 Post B LAST POST!

Baltimore hurts Timpton, macy's boyfriend for all those times he beaten on her.he shoots his kneecaps and stabs him for all of his wrong doings to Macy at Chunks bar. But Chunk didn't let him get away without shooting him,because he didn't want him to go off telling what had happened to him at Chunks bar.So most likely he tried to save his bar from being investigated by the cops. Earlier in the book before he hut Timpton he took all the girls he used to stay with to Reno Nights where famous and different musicians came to play their music.He was in search of Henry so he took a cab from place to place and stopped at Abel's Diner.Where he bumped into a kind of heavy weight lady named Hattie. She complained to Baltimore that one of his friends stood her up,and that she had high hopes between each other.So Baltimore tells her he'd tell hifriend to giv Hattie a call. Then he pays a visit to Uncle Chunks place where he tells him that Timpton came by and said how he gunna get even with you for dipping into his honeypot. I the end of the Book Henry and Baltimore split up for awhile because of all the drama that happened with Baltimore killing and hurting other men. It's really sad because it'll be the first time in awhile with them leaving each other. And after they split Baltimore gets homesick,missing the girls he used to stay with.

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