Thursday, January 3, 2008

Section:7 Post A

2 Vocab words-Several-Being more than two but fewer than many in number or kind:several ways of doing
Mattered-Something that occupies space and can be perceived in one or more
3 examples of figurative language-Imagery-Shown when Baltimore hurts a guy named Timpton because he abuses his girl Macy that Baltimore knows of. But before Timpton has a chance to leave
the club Chunk shoots him,saying "I don't want him to go telling what happened to him at this club.
Irony-Used when Baltimore kind of threatens Henry not to die on him when really he means he doesn't wanna lose his best friend.
Simile-When Baltimore yells"The Moonlight!"to Dank.When what he really means shoot up towards the moon like,a guy is getting away. And right away Dank Kills em.
Quote-when Henry says to Baltimore before they part away from each other by the end of the book"I ain't gone ever forget what you done for me."pg.276 It's significance is them leaving each other,and going there separate ways.
Emerging theme when Henry and Baltimore split up because of so much trouble Baltimore has caused like all the killings and set ups that was done. If the didn't leave soon they would of got caught by the cops.

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