Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 10 List

*Conflict in my book borrow trouble:
In the first half of my book a trip with one of her best friend,which got her into some trouble. She slept with another man because her and her bestfriend had a fight and wasn't talking to eachother . The guy she slept with set her up fr prostitution and was arrested for 6 months.In the she got a divorce with her husband.

*The second half was about a man named Baltimore who kept having to leave his area of place, because he got into conflict with many men and killed them. Didn't have much,this was back in the day of history. Not much money untill he robs someone. And in the end him and his bestfriend Henry seperates for the best. Because of Baltimore gets into so muh trouble and is on the run from the cops.

*Character: They both(Renee and Baltimore) the main characters have best friends by their side. In the story they split from eachother. Renee get married, Baltimore isn't. They both have siblings that our younger. The two characters both do something bad.

*Plot-Renee lives in Ohio where most of her life takes place.State of north central u.s. in great lakes region. Midwestern. When she goes out of town with her friend in the caribbean it's

Baltimore and Henry go to Kansas city, a city of northeast kansas on the missouri river adjacent to kansas city.

*Motiff- In the second half of the book Baltimore kills people and threatens them alot. He kills one guy for making him miss dinner when he just got off of work,working hard all day. Baltimore's friend kills a guy that Henry and a few other guys rob a group of men at a bar. Threatens a girl's husbandnd he knows who abuses her to never do it again and then hurts the guy.

*Emerging theme: When Renee is married she realizes that her husband is controlling. He never wants her to leave Ohio or go out with her friend much. When she's pregnant he doesn't ever wanting to get intimate with her,which makes renne feel bad and like he's sleeping with someone else.

*Motiff-Renee brings up her ex and when she was going out with him (Robbie). She hates the fact that he's so shy and doesn't really make a move untill she says to. And she feels guilty about breaking up with him for another guy. She just thinks about him all the time.

*Style-both are different the first story from the second. the first story was more up to date and luxurious. while the other they talked differently and it was set like back in the day as an old time period or something.

*Quote-I decided that it would be to my advantage to keep our disagreements to a minimum until our marriage was more secure." This is said from Renee,she feels she needs to hold back on what she has to stay in order to still marry her fiance Leon.And untill there married then she can speak her mind,which sounds wrong but only to save her marriage. Because her mom really likes him especially since he fixed her sink.

*I ain't gone ever forget what you done for me."Henry says this at the end of the book to Baltimore as they part from each other.It's a sad scene in the book, because they've always been close and there best friends so parting away for the best was sad.Henry even cried saying good bye and of course Baltimore felt bad and was going to miss miss em.All because Baltimore was going to be searched for all his killings and things he didn't wanna bring his best friend down with him.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Secton:7 Post B LAST POST!

Baltimore hurts Timpton, macy's boyfriend for all those times he beaten on her.he shoots his kneecaps and stabs him for all of his wrong doings to Macy at Chunks bar. But Chunk didn't let him get away without shooting him,because he didn't want him to go off telling what had happened to him at Chunks bar.So most likely he tried to save his bar from being investigated by the cops. Earlier in the book before he hut Timpton he took all the girls he used to stay with to Reno Nights where famous and different musicians came to play their music.He was in search of Henry so he took a cab from place to place and stopped at Abel's Diner.Where he bumped into a kind of heavy weight lady named Hattie. She complained to Baltimore that one of his friends stood her up,and that she had high hopes between each other.So Baltimore tells her he'd tell hifriend to giv Hattie a call. Then he pays a visit to Uncle Chunks place where he tells him that Timpton came by and said how he gunna get even with you for dipping into his honeypot. I the end of the Book Henry and Baltimore split up for awhile because of all the drama that happened with Baltimore killing and hurting other men. It's really sad because it'll be the first time in awhile with them leaving each other. And after they split Baltimore gets homesick,missing the girls he used to stay with.

Section:7 Post A

2 Vocab words-Several-Being more than two but fewer than many in number or kind:several ways of doing
Mattered-Something that occupies space and can be perceived in one or more
3 examples of figurative language-Imagery-Shown when Baltimore hurts a guy named Timpton because he abuses his girl Macy that Baltimore knows of. But before Timpton has a chance to leave
the club Chunk shoots him,saying "I don't want him to go telling what happened to him at this club.
Irony-Used when Baltimore kind of threatens Henry not to die on him when really he means he doesn't wanna lose his best friend.
Simile-When Baltimore yells"The Moonlight!"to Dank.When what he really means shoot up towards the moon like,a guy is getting away. And right away Dank Kills em.
Quote-when Henry says to Baltimore before they part away from each other by the end of the book"I ain't gone ever forget what you done for me."pg.276 It's significance is them leaving each other,and going there separate ways.
Emerging theme when Henry and Baltimore split up because of so much trouble Baltimore has caused like all the killings and set ups that was done. If the didn't leave soon they would of got caught by the cops.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Section:6 Post: B

In this section close to the end, Baltimore,Dank,and Henry robb white men for there money. As they entered the room filled with men, they had over heard them being talked about as bad nigers. In the end they get the mony and Baltimore kills a guy name Louis. because Louis put his brother in jail for no reason and while he was in there he was killed. Was wrongly accused of in a situation that occured awhile ago.Then the men set up to hang low for awhile since there will be cops around searching for Louis's murderer and about the people who were robbed.
Baltimore also takes Franchetta out at Uncle Chunk's bar.Ther they had set up their plan to rob the men.Baltimore met a lady at a diner and they rented a hotel room and slept together there for onl a few hours instead o the whole day/night. Her name was Macy and she named Baltimore ham-n -eggs since thats what he usually always get from a diner. Before they met up with eachother at the diner,the night before he had seen Macy and her boyfriend.At the clun/resturant he saw that her boyfriend was abusive.

Section:6 Post A

2 vocab words-
Inquired:To seek information by questioning;ask:to inquire about a
Persuaders:To induce to undertake a course of action or embrace a point of view by means of argument,reasoning or
3 ex.of personification-Imagery-was used when the three boys:Baltimore,Henry and Dank robbed all the white men for there money.And Baltimore shot one of the guys in the head and chest,named Louis only because he got his younger brother sent to jail and killed.A mental picture was brought to mind in that scene in the book of he closing section of 6.
Symbol-A gun was used in the scene to threaten the men for there money and for Baltimore to kill Louis.
Metaphor-When Baltimore says Louis deserved to be killed.Even though he killed his brother doesn't mean everyone and anyone should get punished as o killing.Quote-"He deserved to die"pg.235
Emerging Theme:When hey rob the white men for there money and when Baltimore kills Louis. pg.234

Monday, December 24, 2007

Section:5 Post:B

Frannie,Melvina and Daisy bring up an old relationship/fling that happened awhile ago between Franchetta and Baltimore.They discuss it in a way that brings up to many memories for her but good ones.Because at the moment he's staying with the four girls for a little while with his friend Henry.While there in the house together they still have this passion to sleep with one another while there their together.
They have a family type dinner together one night where they all dress up while the girls prepared their food.They start to have Baltimore and Henry stay at their place or awhile.

Section: 5 Pos:t A

2 Vocab words-Divan-A sofa or couch,usually without arms or back,often usable as a
Forked-A utencil with two or more prongs,used for eating or serving
3 ex's of figurative language-Imagery is used when they explain how everyone is looking for dinner,you get a mental pictur in your head when they say in the book: Hours later,dinner was served as everyone sat around the table in evening attire: lon sleeves,dressy slacks,dresses,and
Irony-is used whem henry says Uh-uh,apple pie is the root of all evil!" When what he really means is that Melvina's pie was nasty(apple).pg.195
personification-is used when one of the girls out of three of them say "But what if things get to hot for all of us." which is meaning Henry and Baltimore staying with them not just because of the heat in the
Quote-When Frannie says "He must have been heavy on your heart onc upon a time." She says this to Franchetta because way back they used to talk and now they don't they're just like old love birds from the past. And Daisy and Melvina bring up her past in a discussion in the kitchen.