Saturday, December 29, 2007

Section:6 Post: B

In this section close to the end, Baltimore,Dank,and Henry robb white men for there money. As they entered the room filled with men, they had over heard them being talked about as bad nigers. In the end they get the mony and Baltimore kills a guy name Louis. because Louis put his brother in jail for no reason and while he was in there he was killed. Was wrongly accused of in a situation that occured awhile ago.Then the men set up to hang low for awhile since there will be cops around searching for Louis's murderer and about the people who were robbed.
Baltimore also takes Franchetta out at Uncle Chunk's bar.Ther they had set up their plan to rob the men.Baltimore met a lady at a diner and they rented a hotel room and slept together there for onl a few hours instead o the whole day/night. Her name was Macy and she named Baltimore ham-n -eggs since thats what he usually always get from a diner. Before they met up with eachother at the diner,the night before he had seen Macy and her boyfriend.At the clun/resturant he saw that her boyfriend was abusive.

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