Saturday, December 29, 2007

Section:6 Post A

2 vocab words-
Inquired:To seek information by questioning;ask:to inquire about a
Persuaders:To induce to undertake a course of action or embrace a point of view by means of argument,reasoning or
3 ex.of personification-Imagery-was used when the three boys:Baltimore,Henry and Dank robbed all the white men for there money.And Baltimore shot one of the guys in the head and chest,named Louis only because he got his younger brother sent to jail and killed.A mental picture was brought to mind in that scene in the book of he closing section of 6.
Symbol-A gun was used in the scene to threaten the men for there money and for Baltimore to kill Louis.
Metaphor-When Baltimore says Louis deserved to be killed.Even though he killed his brother doesn't mean everyone and anyone should get punished as o killing.Quote-"He deserved to die"pg.235
Emerging Theme:When hey rob the white men for there money and when Baltimore kills Louis. pg.234

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