Monday, December 24, 2007

Section: 5 Pos:t A

2 Vocab words-Divan-A sofa or couch,usually without arms or back,often usable as a
Forked-A utencil with two or more prongs,used for eating or serving
3 ex's of figurative language-Imagery is used when they explain how everyone is looking for dinner,you get a mental pictur in your head when they say in the book: Hours later,dinner was served as everyone sat around the table in evening attire: lon sleeves,dressy slacks,dresses,and
Irony-is used whem henry says Uh-uh,apple pie is the root of all evil!" When what he really means is that Melvina's pie was nasty(apple).pg.195
personification-is used when one of the girls out of three of them say "But what if things get to hot for all of us." which is meaning Henry and Baltimore staying with them not just because of the heat in the
Quote-When Frannie says "He must have been heavy on your heart onc upon a time." She says this to Franchetta because way back they used to talk and now they don't they're just like old love birds from the past. And Daisy and Melvina bring up her past in a discussion in the kitchen.

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