Sunday, November 18, 2007

post A

weary-pg.29-physically or mentally exhausted by hard work,exertion,strain,fatigueed;tired

wrath-pg.28-strong stern or fierce anger;deeply resentful indignation

figurative language-irony is used when she says "ugh...well,kind of. she's really not sick when her husbands asks her if she really is. she's being kind of dramatic in the condition she's really in.
Imagery is used when she explains what it is like and how it is in jail
Simile is used when the guy who sets her up for prostitution , the courts believe she is like a prositute for taking money for sexual acts with the man who set her up.when really she isn't. she just tok the money because it was offered to her and she really is a mom and a wife.
My quote-"you are not going to help me?" she says to her husband when she's in jail for being set up for prostitution and had an affair with her
Theme-when she describes of when she first met the guy who she married and her friend disliked him.

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