Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hornet League Debate Actvities1

*Changing your curfew time with your parents-It occur in peoples home.The purpose is for a longer time to stay out than usual.Yes it may change the parents decision.This is a structured debate.It effects the decision making process by if you really need a curfew change or not.

*What movie to see with a group of friends-It occurs at the place your going to see the movie at and on the phone.The purpose is to know and decide which movie is better and what to watch.It could help to arrive as a better decision and then again it can't,because it depends on the person and how they feel on the decision being made.It effects a persons feelings.Structured.

*Why we have so much homework from our English teacher-This debate occurs at school and in the teacher's class.The purpose is to know why and stop our curiosity.It could arrive as a better decision and then again no,because most of us students feel different on many things and don't like much homework.This is unstructured because you always need to have homework so you can learn and stimulate your mind.In the end the answer from the teacher effects us students.

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