Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2 postB

Through the second section is about her best friend Inez not approving the guy Renee is talking to. Renee still feels bad about dumping her ex Robbie for another and better guy.She still has feelings for her ex but she knew she didn't want to spend her life with him.
Renee gets the courage to dump Robbie on the phone instead of in person. Robbie tells Renee that no matter what he will always be there for her,in times of need. Her new boyfriend Leon goes and meets Renee's mom and younger sister.Her mom approves of him because he was nice and fixed her moms bathroom her mom felt he was very thoughtful and helpful.They talk about marriage and how Renee's best friend Inez wants to be the maid of honor,but her boyfriend Leon can't stand her.They can't stand each other.She learns that Leon s much of a big spender,because he really doesn't want a big honeymoon trip.Renee's best friend is in the middle of her third divorce.Renee realizes that Leon is a little bit controlling/demanding and stands on what he wants. He thinks it's right for him to go to the club and drink with his boys, but she can't do the same with her girls.Wherever she goes like on a trip or something he wants to go and be with her.She wants a child of her own but she knows that he's in no hurry to have another child like he already has a 9yr. old girl. On purpose she gets off birth control to get pregnant since she wants a baby of her own.

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