Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2 postA

preoccupied-previously occupied;taken;filledpg.82
gasped-to draw in breath sharply,as from
I magery is used when Renee is pregnant and she puts an image in your head while reading the book of what it's like to be pregnant.
When Renee is questioned by her best friend as to if she was to cheat on her husband if the right man came aroundwould she do it, Renee lies and says no.Using irony as a cover up of if she would or not. She says she doesn't care for anybody else when really she's just covering up the truth,and turning it into a white lie.
A mtaphor is used when Renee says"I didn't think BMW's ever broke down." Being sarcastic in a way as she says this to her best friend Inez.
The theme from section two is when Renee is pregnant for the first time in her life.
Quote-"I had grandaddy backaches."pg.82 when Renee is further along and progressing in her pregnancy.

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