Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Renee's husband says to her "You got yourself in this mess. You get yourself out!"pg.9 This kind of has a connection with me because when I'm in a certain situation my mom or dad/guardian let's me know that if i did something i wasn't suppose to do and my punishment was good for me, then they'll keep it that way.Example:if a teacher punishes me for something I did wrong in class.It would be their o.k. for the teacher because at the time i was their responsibility.So its like if i got myself into this trouble then oh well cause it was all up to me or my fault.
The world can treat you like that to sometimes like when a homeless person begs for money from someone and that person turns them down, then that's like saying "you got yourself like this why should I help." And sometimes it could be really mean to say that especially when that person needs your help.
The Media could be like when they're showing different commercials that you know won't work or isn't true then mostly likely their sending you a message saying "I don't care you picked to have our product now deal with it. " It's like a slap to our faces that they don't care about us as human beings.In the book Renee(main character)feels bad that her husband doesn't care about her enough to bail her out of jail and the trouble she's gotten herself into.

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