Tuesday, December 4, 2007

section3 post:A

Farce-foolish show;mockery, a ridiculous sham. pg.120
Whimpered-to cry or sob with soft intermitten sounds;whine. pg.119
3 examples of figurative language-Imagery-when renee says to her bestfriend Inez"you slept with my husband?" pg.118
Onomatopoeia-When it says that Renee whimpered do weak she could hardly stand. pg.119
Irony- used when her bestfriend Inez tells her the truth about her and Leon used to be together,Inez knew what was expected and going to happen.She knew soonr or later the truth would come out, and it eventually did 6yrs. later. pg.116
Quote-"I just don't show it the way you do." pg.116 the significance is that Renee is more to herself while hr bestfriend is more out there and outspoken.So Renee's basically saying she's not all out there and like that.And this is when Inez tells her bestfriend the secret she's been hiding from her for 6yrs.

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