Tuesday, December 4, 2007

section 3:post B

In this section it talks about how Renee feels after the outcome of her best friends secret. Renee now is sad,depressed,and drinks alot.When she thought the whole time that her husband and best friend hated each other,it was only to show that they were together once before and she slept with him.And she feels bad cause she loves him,has been with him for 6yrs.and had a child for him.So basically she feels used.Because really to get to Inez he had to start dating her best friend Renee who he met at a club one night.So now that they've grown to like each other more then he thought he decided to leave Inez alone and to just spend his life with Renee.

This also goes back to the beginning because after this happened a few days later she went out to the club,where a guy set her up for prostitution.And that is how she got put into jail.In the end when she got out after 3 long months,Robbie her ex said he would have bailed her out if he would have known.All along he had her back even if she had left him for another man cause Robbie wasn't good enough for her.

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