Tuesday, December 11, 2007

section 4 post: A

This is the second part of the book of a different story called:Bad Luck Shadow-
Tortuous-Having many turns,winding or twisting.pgs.159
Imagery- is used when Baltimore kills a white man because of him having to go gambling with hi and miss a hot meal for the night.
Metaphor- is used in the book when they say" A tortuous evening of bowing and shuffling had gotten the best of Baltimore Floyd."pg.159
Irony- is used when Baltimore teases and says"You ole rascal,I don't care what you had to do to com up with this meal fit for a king,but i hope your eyes was closed when you did it."pg.160
Quote-"shut that cupboard so they can't smell the taters." Henry said. This is when hey get ready to eat their hot meal for the night after a long and hard days work. And Henry only says this cause they hear a knock at the door and they don't want to share their food with anyone.pg.160
An emerging theme is when Baltimore kills the white old man that made him go with him gambling.

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