Tuesday, December 11, 2007

secton 4 post:B

Two black african american men with little money,hard laboring jobs,and has alot of racisim and discrimination going on around there time. When they're getting ready to eat dinner after work they get a kock on the door. Wen Henry answers it he describes him as an older loking white man with grayish white hair. The guy demands Baltimore to come with him or else he'd shoot them. So Baltiore goes with the guy.And the guy tells him "when we get inside,I don't want you to speak,cough or break wind.There are some very important people in there,and they won't stand for a uppity niggr interrupting their entrtainment," he warned Baltimore.

In th end the guy looses and while they're walking from the place Baltimore stabs the guy and tries to hide when he hears someone coming. When it is actually his friend Henry. They take his clothes and Baltimore steals his gold ring off his hand. After they get his stuff they pack up on a train to kansas city. When they awake they get a hot plate of breakfreast at a near by diner.From there they go to a shop where they go shopping fr ew clothes but are used. They use the money from what they stole that night from the white man. Next they catch a cab where they know the guy in it, who takes them to a a girl named Franchetta's house to stay.

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